Why government job is preference ?

Why government job is preference ?

Unlike private jobs, government jobs ensure job security. While, there is no job security in private sector, there is very little chance of any government employee losing his job. This kind of benefit is only available to employees in government sectors, so employees in private sectors are at a disadvantage.

Government jobs are more competitive

People may wish they could get a government job, but may not be able to because of limited vacancies and tough competition. You need to prepare adequately for selection exams and fulfill other requirements to get one. Private companies may offer more opportunities.

Job security

It is also one of the factors that affect the decision maker. In the private sector, due to the market situation and the company's growth, the latter may decide to downsize the team. During recessionary times, private companies often fire a lot of employees to cut costs.

Better retirement policy

Government jobs ensure that an employee's future is secure, unlike jobs in the private sector where one has to plan and take care of their future after retirement. The new pension scheme ensures that an employee's lifestyle will be protected after retirement..

Relocation doesn’t mean change of jobs

The majority of government jobs, especially bank jobs, provide good relocation policies for their employees. An employee may relocate to a new place while still working for the same bank, unlike private companies where relocation is not allowed. This flexibility is helpful for people looking to relocate.