NET Philosophy

Coaching for NET Philosophy at BSSEI, Belur

BSS Education Institute is a joint effort of students and researchers from several top universities in West Bengal, and has been successfully training NET / SET for many years.  At the request of the students, we will start the preparation of a new batch of NET/SET philosophy second paper (Code-03).

Here, each topic will be taught according to the new syllabus of the network. Classes are held 2 days a week, each subject has its own learning materials, and a day’s exam is arranged according to the subject. For all the students in our class who are willing to prepare for the exam, BSS Education College is asking them to apply. (For any other questions, please call 8240968588(Call), 8777279548 (What’s App) .)

World Class Faculties

Samskrita Samskriti knows the role of a faculty in the success of a student’s careers, so we aim to provide our learners world-class teaching solutions. To this end, we assign qualified and professional teachers who have many years of expertise in UGC NET/JRF philosophy.

Printed Study material

In addition to the best facilities support, we also provide printed notes of UGC NET JRF Philosophy to help you develop your theoretical concepts.

Regular Mock Tests

We also conduct regular mock tests in our online classes to analyze the preparation and progress of students. The mock test builds confidence in the face of UGC NET level exams.

Audio-Visual Classes

We offer audio-visual courses in the classroom, high-tech courses are easier to understand and remember, and audio-visual courses also help to easily show examples.

Group Discussions

Group discussions play an important role to develop a sense of theory and the broader concepts of it. Group discussions can also help you develop your personality and language skills.

Free Updates

We provide free information services. We update exam notifications, course outlines or job vacancies through messages or emails.

Curriculum Features-

  • This course will be taught through fancy and scientific methods.
  • For the convenience of students, classes will be taught in Bengali.
  • Teaching will be done through Efficient Teaching Tools and PPT .
  • Each class will be given advanced subject-based study material.
  • Homework will be given in each class, they have to be practised regularly.
  • Tests are taken regularly every week, and you must take each test.
  • After the exam, each question of the exam will be thoroughly analyzed and discussed.
  • Special classes are arranged for the backward students.
  • Unlimited Doubt-Clearing Class is offered.
  • There is also a backup course for missing courses.
  • You can also take the test online at home.
  • You can take online mock exams based on your time and individual exams for each topic, making your exam preparation more self-sufficient.
  • It is enough to install our app on your Smartphone to get the online facility, there is no need for a computer. But if you want, you can sit in front of the computer and take the test.

Curriculum information-

  • The maximum duration of the course is 12 months
  • Class time – every Monday and Friday, 9:30 am
  • The mock exam must start at 10 am every Wednesday.
  • Courses will be conducted online through the BSSEI application.

Curriculum uniqueness-

  • Learn From Home- Kolkata students from remote students often do not get opportunities like that, in many instances they do not get a chance to Hard work, but Smart work cannot be successful for a while… consequently, repeatedly. We have brought the benefit of Learn from Home to overcome that obstacle. Having a Smartphone, internet connection, and BSSEI App makes all the problems easier. You will also have the opportunity to do all the classes in our curriculum through online live classes. Take lessons directly from the experienced Belur teacher at home.
  • Interactive Live Class – The Live Classes of the BSSEI App are not one-way courses. Here you can also directly talk to Sir during the class through our BSSEI App. Consequently, sir, from the classroom to remove his confusion or inability to understand the factors take over, just as the class of the BSSEI, Belur
  • Recorded Video Class- During the live broadcast of Miss Sister, or there is a problem with your mobile phone, but don’t be nervous, because each of us’ live broadcasts is recorded on the screen, You BSSEI App, to get in. The result… you can watch the course later. If necessary, there is an opportunity to watch a class more than once. Therefore, there are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to listen to and understand difficult subject courses over and over again.
  • E Study materials- At the end of each class, you will get the E-learning materials for that course in your BSSEI application. This is why you have to wait for learning materials so that you don’t fall behind in success.
  • Printed study materials free home Delivery- You will receive printed study materials for the course every month. We will arrange to send the printed learning materials to your home without additional delivery fee/printing fee/Xerox fee. Belur, from our office’s Study materials whenever Dispatch, then the SMS through your Study materials and Tracking Details starting from the far reaches of your hands will get the update.
  • Weekly Mock Test – You have to give a mock test once a week and after 24 hours we will publish your mock test results and rank list. You can feel your place in everyone from it, which will help you succeed.
  • Question Bank- “Practice Makes Perfect” and this is one of the secrets of success. We have created a huge collection of about 50,000 questions and answers in the BSSEI App. Where there are thousands of questions for practice on each topic. There is an opportunity to test more than once on any topic of any unit of your syllabus at any time. You will be able to see the result of the test only after completing the test. At the same time, there is an opportunity to see what will be the correct answer to the question if the test is wrong. Each time you test in these sets, you will be confronted with new questions.
  • Unlimited Practice SET- If you want to test your preparation properly even after taking the exam on the topic, it is very important to take the exam on the entire syllabus or on one unit… You will get the same Unlimited Practice SET in this app.
  • Always Updated Study Materials & Question Bank- As long as the difficulty of the exam is increasing, the type of question is changing every year. As a result, many people fail to see the face of success. Therefore, every year we keep our own study materials, question bank, and pay attention to the types of test papers. Regular simulation tests and teaching technology changes. So that it doesn’t seem unfamiliar to go to the finals and see the type of questions. The separate Research & Development Team for each subject has been doing this all year round, and maybe that’s why the number of our successes is eye-catching. In fact, we work like we do. , In other words.
  • Group Discussion- You can ask all the questions you will face after class in the official group where all our students and teachers are. They will try to dispel your doubts.
  • Pocket Class Room- Stay at home or at a relative’s house from where you can take a happy class. Put the classroom in your pocket so that space does not become an obstacle to your success.
  • All your courses are now smarter with Digital Class Room- BSSEI APP. On the bus on the train, go to read E Study Materials, watch and listen to Recording video lessons. There is no doubt that when you can ask our official A group, you will always help our teachers to participate in group discussions and have the opportunity to prepare yourself… And completely with the help of BSSEI Digital Classroom (BSSEI APP).


One of the best organizations in West Bengal has its own online mock test portal, such as NTA NET. Our portal is, in addition to the phone, you can also take the test from your laptop or computer. This is our arrangement to get a taste of the final exam and get used to it. After enrolling, each student will get their own login ID and password.

Admission process-

  • You have to come to BSSEI, Belur any day from 10 am to 5 pm, complete the admittance process with 3 passport size photos of yourself, a copy of the final exam result, a copy of Aadhaar card, a copy of the ethnic certificate, and entrance fee.
  • Enrollment can also be completed by filling out the form online and paying through the bank or online process (Google pay, Phone Pe, Paytm, UPI, BHIM, NERT).
  • Before any other inquiries or admission, please contact us at (8240968588 or 8777279548).
  • The number of seats is limited. Admission will not be taken after the seats are filled.

The success of the students in NET / SET exams is our identity information (from our institution in the past years)

  • 63 students in SET – JAN 20 WB-SET
  • NTA NET-DEC19 has 111 students NET and 11 NET WITH JRF
  • In NTA NET- JUNE 19 61 students NET and 6 NET WITH JRF
  • NTA NET- DEC 18 has 30 students NET and 5 NET WITH JRF
  • 33 students in SET – DEC 18 WB-SET
  • NET- JULY 18 has 40 students in NET and 4 students in NET WITH JRF
  • SET- 14 students in DEC 17 SET
  • In NET-NOV 17, 12 students got NET, and 1 got NET WITH JRF.

Some information about BSSEI-

  • BSSEI is an educational institution created by a small number of students studying in some of the top universities in West Bengal.
  • Every teacher in our institution has received NET-JRF / NET / SET.
  • Reading here means that success in the NET/SET exam will not make such a false promise to Sanskrit culture. The hard work you do is the key to your success. We are only guides.
  • We started coaching NET, WBCSSC (SLST), WB-TET, and C-TET for the first time in Belur. This BSSEI, Belur is the oldest and most reliable NET coaching organization.


BSSEI is an ISO 9001: 2015 & MSME Certified Educational Institute.

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